A drupal website fo DJs contests

Drupal Community plateform for DJ clashes

Gopadma has taken over the development of the site QAndAnswer, whose concept is very original since it is to propose an online platform of DJs contest. Our teams are experts in the most effective CMS of the market, Drupal which has been used for qandanswer.

The QAndAnswer website, which Gopadma Technologies has redesigned, proposes to bring together DJs from all over the world, via a community platform. The DJs then clash in live, and are followed by their fans! Those then score the best DJ. It is an awesome way to to get known, to discover and to train while having fun!

This site uses the innovative technology called WebRTC, which gives the possibility of streaming videos, in "One-To-Many".

Many original ideas spring from the spirit of ingenious entrepreneurs! The remaining part is to give them life. The Gopadma Technologies teams are experts on Drupal and in the accompaniment and realization of all your projects!! Contact us !

Plateform communautaire Drupal