With a growing digital demand for web and mobile applications, many technologies disappear as quickly as they appeared. We understand that our customers need to evolve and adapt to this fast growing market opportunity. We are proud to meet your expectations whether you want a website that is compatible with any device or a custom mobile application.

At GoPadma, we know how expensive it is to develop an Android or iOS app especially when you are just starting out. This is why we have learned to apply Flutter which is a very interesting and cost-effective alternative.

Nowadays, in the small world of web and mobile applications, technologies evolve, appear and disappear constantly. But the need of our customers remains very present! Whether you want a web site compatible with any device, or a custom mobile application, we are able to meet your expectations. One thing is certain: developing an Android app and an iOS app can be expensive. Especially when you start your activity!

At Gopadma Technologies, we understood this well, and we learned how to develop on Flutter, a very interesting alternative because of its quality/cost ratio!

Our offshore mobile app development team will provide you with the most suitable solution, with fast, efficient and affordable service. Contact us to find out more!

What is Flutter?


Flutter is the new cross-platform development kit powered by Google in 2019.
This means that a single code base is enough to deploy an Android and iOS app!
Google qualifies it as quick to develop, with very nice design interfaces and the ability to compile natively. It allows to develop 100% native applications in record time!

One code base, and a deployment on
Android and iOS

An app compiled in native language,
with a performance close to it

Time saving,
lower cost


Today, in the fields of web and applications, technologies are constantly evolving, appearing and disappearing. The user of a mobile application is also very selective, with a saturated market. So creating your app doesn’t mean it will work.

In terms of price, developing a CMS website, as well as an Android app and an iOS app can be costly. Especially when you start your business.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that a site or application will need to be updated regularly, to adapt to the market, new devices (tablets, smartphones) and new technologies.

There are alternatives to reduce your costs, while being visible on as many platforms as possible!

At Gopadma Technologies, we propose to develop your showcase site or online sales site, so that it is compatible on all media. To do this, we use two new technologies: the Web Responsive.

What is a Responsive Site?

It’s a web design approach, with the goal of providing users with an optimal browsing experience regardless of the device you’re using, whether it’s a computer, tablet or smartphone.

This option is ideal for a reduced budget, as it can be implemented easily and quickly from the start of the project. Moreover, nowadays, most website designs are by default in Web Responsive!

Other advantages: A Responsive web design can be implemented after a site is built and maintenance of a Responsive website is easy and also inexpensive!

This is a solution that we tend to recommend, in our offshore web agency.

At Gopadma Technologies, our offshore web agency guarantees the development of a mobile application or a compatible website. Before launching your project, the question to ask is: is it really interesting to have it developed in the form of mobile applications?

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