Drupal is a CMS (content management system) launched in 2001 and is experiencing rapid growth. This important increase can be explained by the strength of its results, its large library of modules and above all by its great maneuverability to meet the most varied demands. Indeed, Drupal was originally designed to be a collective blog, so, from its conception, this CMS aimed to bring together a large number of users and allow great flexibility in its use. In addition, version 8 of Drupal (the newest) incorporates components of the Symfony framework that further enhance sever its flexibility and security.

The benefits of a site drupal

Unlike Prestashop, which is designed to create e-commerce websitesDrupal is the ideal tool to create a multi-account and community platforms. In addition, a Drupal website is perfectly suited to implement specific features such as streaming videos or interactive games. Its API (programming interface) allows, in fact, to develop its own modules, and its improved architecture has proven itself on websites with very high traffic. Just like Woocommerce for a WordPress website, Drupal is not only for informative website, this CMS has the advantage of offering quality payment features.

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Drupal web agency

When a person wants a website with features that are out of the ordinary, most web agencies offer a very expensive custom solution, without going through an open source CMS. Gopadma Technologies offers a quality solution that meets all possible demands; and an unexpensive website thanks to an offshore web development.

The use of Drupal 8 has no secrets for our indian web agency. The latest project on Drupal is AfricaFinLab website, a real success that has been made possible thanks to our Drupal experts. In addition, many sites with specific features have been successfully developed, from multi-account sites like TripNsea to developments involving Webrtc technology for video streaming such as eschool and Q-answer, for example.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Drupal experts for quality Drupal web development.

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