WordPress is one of the most well-known web solutions. This CMS (content management system) based on a MySQL database, is the best tool when it comes to create an informative website or a blog mainly. A WordPress website has lot of benefits for users:

  • Simplicity in the management of its content.
  • Accessible even for the least initiated internet users.
  • Useful to create am inexpensive website and even less by using an offshore web agency.
  • Today, WordPress is no longer only dedicated to informative website but also dynamic sites, forums and even e-commerce sites.

The choice of PHP/MYSQL allows you to get rid of proprietary solutions and benefit from the elements available in the Free Software network (known as Open Source). A WordPress site will be the perfect frontage for your business.

WordPress Agency

Gopadma Technologies is an offshore web agency and a WordPress expert but also our teams are high qualified in the migration of WordPress website to an online sales shop, like PrestashopPharma-at-home project is the perfect example: a migration from WordPress website to a Prestashop website.

Gopadma Technologies also offers an offshore outsourcing solution for web agencies that are over-produced or want to reduce their costs on WordPress projects.

Creating a WordPress site can be done alone and self-taught, however if you want to use all the features of this CMS it will be necessary to call on a WordPress agency or a trusted web expert.

Indeed, before launching your online business it is important to be well advised by a web expert who will refer you to the most suitable CMS.

Our teams will be happy to discuss your project with you.

Don’t hesitate to contact our WordPress experts for quality WordPress web development.

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