Diversfashion: An update of the Prestashop

The graphic redesign is the update of a Prestashop website

Diversfashion is a company that markets hair extensions online. Their products are based on different hair characteristics (colors, sizes, weight, etc.), which is why the use of CMS Prestashop was the most relevant solution. However, the launch of this e-commerce site took place several years ago and the version used at the time is no longer up to date and is even becoming obsolete (unsuitability with the modules on the market).

The owners therefore called on our web agency to update their Prestashop CMS and took the opportunity to redesign the site thanks to our webdesigner. Migration to the latest versions of Prestahop 1.6 or 1.7, is a service that our experts master perfectly.

It is a misconception that updating a CMS is a simple operation that can be done in a few clicks. This is not the case, we must take into account all the modules used, replace or modify them, then there is the whole aspect of migration of customer data, products, orders that should not be overlooked. The structures of the databases vary from one Prestashop version to another which implies advice or the intervention of a Prestashop expert.

Finally, it is a good idea to redesign the graphics of your site during a migration like this. The important thing is to have a web designer who can work hand in hand with the Prestashop professional who will do the migration , as is the case in our offshore agency.

Gopadma carried out this project at a advantageous cost for a remarkable rendering. We are also proud of the signing of a long-term contract with its managers for maintenance from the website Diversfashion.

If you think you have a similar need to boost your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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