Opening of a physical store synchronized with an online store

Corsican products in Belgium? This is for sure what customers expect from the new Corsican grocery store A Casa Corsa! Our client contacted us for the development of his e-commerce website, associated with the Kerawen online cash register software. Their request was simple: a solution that works, operates quickly, and at a lower cost!

And they did well! With Prestashop, which is easy to access and use, a tailor-made template in their image, and the Kerawen checkout module, their website was up-and-running in less than 1 month!

Offshore web design agency

Our Prestashop expert provided them with a blank installation of the tool, in order to quickly install the physical checkout, and so that our client can start creating his product catalog! In the meantime, our designer and then our Prestashop developers have cococted a template in their image, based on one of our pre-developed templates – the MyBox for this project.

Do you live in Belgium, and you like Corsican products? Do not hesitate to stop by a boutique in Spa, or online, to order your Corsican beers, your delicatessen or your spirits! The stocks are shared, and for our client, a single management interface allows her to follow all her orders!

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The teams of our web development company in India were able to meet this need thanks to our first price offer for cheap website! By using one of our templates, the creation of an online sales website is done from 988 € TTC. And this for a turnkey e-commerce website, delivered in 5 working days. Offshore web development has its advantages!

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Are you opening your store or starting your online sales activity? Do you need a checkout solution physically coupled to your offshore website? Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can assist you!

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