A Drupal site combining the social network Facebook and the Drupal CMS

Boarding Pal is a Drupal site allowing its users to find a travel companion. Traveling alone in India is not easy when you are a woman. Our Drupal experts have therefore designed a site so that women can travel together safely. security. This platform therefore functions as a social network separating women and men.

Boarding Pal called on our offshore web agency to respond to this issue. The challenge has been to keep a website that is both dynamic and easy to access while ensuring site security. Thanks to the work of our Drupal experts, we were able to link the information of a Facebook account with a user’s profile during registration.

In addition, Boarding Pal is a responsive site with a completely custom design to which we have added 3D animations. Our Drupal agency is proud to have carried out this ambitious project.

A project is above all an idea, a desire, the only way to make it a reality is to surround yourself with trusted and experienced people. The Gopadma Technologies teams are experts on Drupal but also in supporting and carrying out all your brilliant web projects! Contact us and ask for your free web quote!

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