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This site represents the realization of a very original idea, for which our project manager in charge of the needs analysis advised the CMS Drupal. Our teams are experts in the most efficient CMS on the market, Drupal was used for the site 1 kilo more.

The 1 kilo more website, adapted by Gopadma Technologies, offers to put travelers in contact via a person-to-person service, which makes it possible to entrust the extra pounds to another traveler after payment. It was to create a functionality of classifieds between travelers. This way, happy users weighing 1 kilo more will not be stupidly stranded at the airport wondering what items will not be on the trip! They can now take them all.

By registering, travelers must communicate their flights and their destinations using a form that guarantees contact with travelers whose details will be relevant. The transfer of kilos of luggage is operational after fully secure payment.

Many original ideas are constantly springing up from the minds of ingenious entrepreneurs! It remains to give them life. The Gopadma Technologies teams are experts on Drupal and in supporting and carrying out all your brilliant projects! Contact us!

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