Prestashop multistore website with cash register and custom template

After several years of managing renowned physical stores in Reunion Island, and in the particular context of COVID, our client LeBagagiste called on us for the development of an e-commerce website to sell his leather goods and luggage both in online, and in 2 physical stores.

LeBagagiste are two shops located in Saint Paul and Saint Pierre, with a common stock and inter-store stock movements. You may already know this brand? If this is not the case, it should not be long, because their new offshore website is optimized for SEO, in addition to being compatible with all media!

The online store is comnnected with the Kerawen online checkout software, which allows to have all the centralized administration in one place: the orders of each store and the web orders are all managed on the new Prestashop website!

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All this could be done at a lower cost thanks to our first price offer! Indeed, by using one of our pre-designed templates, an online, turnkey, graphically personalized sales website, at only 988 € TTC, can be delivered in 5 working days!

Offshore outsourcing

Do you have several stores but no website yet? Are you looking for a solution that combines physical cash register and website, with internal transfer management?

contact us, our Prestashop expert will tell you more for a cheap website!

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